Also known as Planet Hollywood Resort

The United States has a large number of casino resorts that are visited by thousands of people from all over the world. The Aladdin Resort Casino is situated in Las Vegas in Nevada. The hotel of the resort has 2,600 rooms. The resort also has a performing arts theater and a 475,000 ft² shopping arcade by the name of the Desert Passage. The Aladdin Resort Casino was named Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in the year 2007.

Aladdin Resort Casino

Aladdin Resort Casino

The resort casino was opened in the year 1960. Its original name was Tally-Ho. The name was changed to King’s Crown in 1964. The casino failed in the beginning as the government denied it a gaming license then. However, in the year 1966, the King’s Crown was bought over by Milton Prell. Prell renovated the whole hotel at the cost of $3 million. He also included a theatre that had 500 seats.

Prell then converted the old theme into an Arabian Nights theme, hence the name of Aladdin Resort Casino. The resort cum casino by the name of Aladdin was reopened in April 1966. As soon as the first guests entered the casino, flower petals were showered from the ceiling to welcome them. A golf course for the sports fans was also built. In fact, the resort is well known for holding several weddings such as Elvis’ and Priscilla’s wedding. The resort was again renovated at a staggering cost of $750,000 in the year 1969. Major renovations were made to the lounge and also the casino floor.

The resort cum casino was then taken over by Parvin Dohrmann Corporation in 1972 and then it sold it to Sam Diamond. Again the resort underwent a major face-lift and an additional 19 story tower was also constructed. The golf course was replaced by a brand new 7,500 seat performing arts theatre. However, the resort had to shut down in November 1997 and in 1998 the resort was imploded. The resort again opened with much aplomb again in August 2000. There was a grand fireworks display in the open sky. However, the opening went haywire as hundreds of guests who had made bookings had to literally wait on the streets because the police had not completed the routine fire safety tests and also there were last-minute repairs to be done to the casino surveillance system.

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