The Atlantis Casino Resort is owned by Monarch Casino and Resort. The resort has three huge hotel towers, which have a combined capacity of a 1,000 rooms. The hotels also have some very good amenities like Jacuzzis and bars. The casino resort is known for having the largest gaming floor area in Reno and also it also boasts of having the city’s only concierge tower.

Let’s take a peek in the history of the Atlantis Casino Resort. In the year 1972, the resort was just a small 142 room motel. However, the property was soon purchased by the Farahi family and then the family signed a franchisee agreement with Travelodge. In the 1980s, there was another deal with Choice Hotels and then the hotel was renamed as Quality Inn. Many expansions were done in the future, the chief amongst them including the first hotel tower followed by the casino and meeting rooms. The property was soon renamed as Clarion.

In the year 1993, the financial responsibility of the hotel was taken over by Monarch Casino and Resort and then again the hotel was renamed as Atlantis. To this day the name Atlantis remains. There were plans for building a second hotel tower and the execution of the plans was soon finished. There was phase 3 also in the construction plans where a third hotel tower was built making the room count to a thousand rooms. 3 new restaurants were also opened to cater to the guests and then there was the addition of a sprawling 40,000 square foot entertainment complex.

There are future expansion plans as well. The future plans include the expansion of the existing casino floor space as well as a modernized race and sportsbook. There are also plans to introduce a new restaurant as well as a healthy spa, a pedestrian skywalk. The construction was going to start towards the end of 2006 and end till the first quarter of 2007. The resort has to first take the approval from the different government agencies and this may take a little time. Construction has yet to start.


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