Popular resorts all over the world attract thousands of tourists from different countries. The resort industry today is worth billions of dollars annually. The best resorts are found in countries like United States in Las Vegas and Connecticut. There are also very scenic resorts in countries like Switzerland and the Adirondack Mountains. A resort caters to the tourist’s very need and much more. You feel like you are home and also entertainment is just a few steps away from your room. Many large resorts in the United States have casinos as well.

Different kinds of resorts

There are different kinds of resorts throughout the world catering to specific as well as general needs of the tourists. Those resorts that meet the general needs of the tourists are known as general resorts while there are many resorts that are specialized for certain types of activities. Take the example of meeting resorts. Meeting resorts have special facilities for holding conferences and meetings of large or small business houses. There are ample staying options as well as dinner also provided in these places.

Destination resort

Then there is the destination resort. A destination resort refers to a resort that offers food, drinks, lodging and also recreational activities like sports, games, movies and shopping. Hence the customer gets everything that he ever needs under one roof. The destination resort may be near or far from the main town or the city. There is also an all-inclusive resort where the price normally includes everything from lodging, unlimited food and drinks as well as games and other recreational activities.

Historical resorts

Historical resorts are more in demand today. The resort may be based in a fort or a castle and such type of resorts never fail to excite the tourists. For example, there was a very famous resort of the ancient world theme in Baize in Italy. Then there was a resort by the name of Monte Ne in Arkansas in the early 20th century. For couples or newly married people, there is nothing better than an optional clothing resort where the couple can take their clothes off and roam around freely. You can simply relax in the arms of your partner in just your birthday suit. Many people love to take such an experience.


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